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OEE Sniffer Dog V1.0


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Your factory in your smart phone

Description OEE Sniffer Dog V1.0

OEE sniffer dog  free.png

OEE Sniffer Dog  V1.0 is specifically designed to meet the needs of smaller companies looking for an easy way to monitor the OEE factor of their production. With our system, our customers can easily, cost-effectively and in real time monitor the OEE factor and thus quickly identify and improve weak points in their production processes to optimize their overall productivity.

Das Konzept 

Our concept uses one IOT interface per plant to collect signals for the calculation of the OEE factor directly at the production plant and to process them using a platform-independent HTML5 software. The interface is inexpensive and easy to integrate into existing production machines.

The concept

The interface to the process

The view current production  


The diagnosis of the orders 


The virtual shift book


Evaluation alarms


You want more info about OEE Sniffer Dog V1.0 Then write us , we will contact you !

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